Client Testimonials

“Deborah and her staff were knowledgeable and coordinated with other professionals and agencies to reinstate my mother’s Medi-Cal.”
C.W., Yuba City

“Great service and we are always confident that any needs we have will be taken care of.”
S.C., Marysville

“Everyone was caring and wonderful. Very efficient and knowledgeable.”
L.A., Yuba City

“I had no idea that I would need your services until I ended up with serious cancer and I didn’t know who or what or where to go. I finally called an attorney, and was told to call you. What a life saver you have been! Being sick is bad enough, but being ignorant too only makes everything so much harder. You guys get it immediately and just get things done. Thank you! Thank you!”
S.S., Yuba City

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