How PFS Helps California Families

Are you struggling with long term care expenses? Maybe you’re caring for an aging loved one, or your loved one is beginning to experience health issues as they age. How will you, or your loved ones,
pay for long term care? Are you prepared to take on the financial responsibility? Does your loved one have unlimited financial resources to pay for long term care?

Do you know that if your loved one resides in California, they may qualify for Medi-Cal benefits, regardless of their assets? Many people assume that to qualify for Medi-Cal, the applicant must be without financial assets. That would normally be the case, without the knowledge and expertise of PFS and our dedication to helping the California tax payers who have funded the Medi-Cal programs with their tax dollars for many years. You can own a home, automobile, and be receiving an income, and still
qualify for Medi-Cal.

Planning for Seniors works with California families to assist them in qualifying for Medi-Cal. We design financial strategies to help preserve assets, while empowering families to become advocates for their loved ones, and utilize this tax funded benefit.

Long term care expenses can be financially devastating. You need a financial strategy, and accurate up-to-date information on Medi-Cal regulations and the application process. Planning for Seniors is here to answer your questions and provide professional guidance, and be your advocate for life.

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